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About Us

BloqWire is a site providing news coverage around projects on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency updates. Catering to a wide base of readers, we cover innovations in the broad fields of blockchain technology, finance, health, and science. We also understand the importance of keeping oneself aware of the latest updates on web 3.0 technologies, startups, and events, hence we cover global news extensively.

BloqWire is an emerging digital media, events and information services website for the blockchain technology community. In a world where new information and technologies are evolving every moment, it is very important to inform, educate and connect the global community with news dedicated to the space.

BloqWire also shares its news across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to reach thousands of technology enthusiasts.

BloqWire can also be considered as an online digital newspaper for blockchain projects and technologies to submit their press releases to. We believe in delivering fast, accurate and no-fringe-attached news to our readers.