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Bitcoin Air Brings A Series Of Asset-Backed Bitcoin Forks

Earth Dollar forms alliance with Bitcoin Air to launch a series of Asset-Backed Bitcoin Hard Forks

 Las Vegas, Nevada – A series of asset-backed Bitcoin hard forks with intrinsic value is being launched to complement stable coins such as Tether, Gemini Dollar and Bakkt.

Critics of cryptocurrencies have often pointed out that Bitcoin is not backed by anything, other than the faith of the people who buy and use it… much like fiat currency in today’s world. That is about to change with a series of asset-backed Bitcoins.

Earth Dollar (anticipated to be one of the world’s largest asset backed currencies) has formed an alliance with Bitcoin Air to launch a series of high-speed and asset-backed Bitcoin Forks beginning with Bitcoin Air and Bitcoin Earth, with several more to follow. All of the Bitcoin Hard Forks are geared to tackle environmental restoration projects for Mother Earth, while tackling key issues pertaining to the usability, scalability, volatility, and tangibility functions of cryptocurrency.

The U.S. Blockchain Association plans to list Bitcoin Air, Bitcoin Earth and Earth Dollar, on its upcoming 50,000 ATMs and point-of-sales terminals to be deployed across the USA.

About Bitcoin Air

Bitcoin Air will be the first dual-chain bilaterally operating Blockchain. By forking the UTXO and base of Bitcoin, and merging it with the Hybrid PoS/PoW capabilities of Peercoin, we produce a dual-chain Blockchain with one end accessible to exchanges, trading, and sending, while the other chain is internal, and backed by Carbon Credit Assets for each $1 of value maintained.

Bitcoin Air removes the need for exchanges that lack user-friendliness, and creates a perfect exchange between measure of our technology, and the stable backing we have to bring a fully asset-backed stable coin. Bitcoin Air integrates an advanced “swap and spend” feature that allows the burning and minting of new coins between the stable and volatile chain pair. Bitcoin Air uses a Dynamic Proof-of-Stake protocol to make the coin more environmentally friendly and offering a higher transaction speed than Bitcoin Core.

The founder of Bitcoin Air, Anthony Colón Jr., who is an avid Cryptocurrency Advocate of 7 years says, “The key issues with cryptocurrency are problems we are all aware to, but are keen to ignore. My hope with Bitcoin Air is that through large-scale adoption we can provide a means of reducing emissions through indirect actions like paying your rent or shopping for groceries. With Air Cash and Earth Dollar, the adoption of our blockchain pair allows for simplicity of use for businesses and consumers, while giving consumers the familiarity of fiat payment systems …”

About Bitcoin Earth

Bitcoin Earth will be created by combining the blockchains of Bitcoin Air (including Bitcoin Core) and Ethereum. Each Bitcoin Earth will be backed by hemp products, and metals in the form of tokenized futures contracts, with an initial value 10 CHF (approximately $10 USD). Bitcoin Earth which is part of the Earth Dollar system is the world’s first anti-inflationary stable coin tied to buying power. The assets backing Bitcoin Earth will increase at an exponential growth rate of 2.718% per year representing the Natural Log of e (logex) in the form of a S-Curve. This rate of increase follows closely with the USA inflation rate thus making Bitcoin Earth inflation resistant. Bitcoin Earth will be directly exchangeable for thousands of derivative products at selected distributors, including for example CBD products, medicines, food, paper, clothing, hempcrete, and more.

Bitcoin Earth will support the SDG Crypto Fund, a Sovereign Wealth Superfund focus on land restoration projects. For example, hemp paper is a great replacement for protecting the forests from being clear cut to make toilet paper. In fact hemp produces 10 times more pulp than trees and is renewable.

David Kam, Chairman and CEO of the Earth Dollar says, “Bitcoin Earth allows Bitcoin and Ethereum users to be able to play with the Earth Dollar in the same wallet. More wealth, prosperity and abundance can be generate as more members join the Living Economic System. This benefits everyone. Imagine a world in which people are rewarded for saving the bees, saving the forests, helping the poor, supporting charities, cleaning up fresh water sources and other positive social activities”

About Earth Dollar

The Earth Dollar™ is expected to be one of the world’s largest asset-backed cryptocurrencies with intrinsic value. The Earth Dollar is part of a new sustainable decentralized “Living Economic System” centered on the preservation of natural resources of Planet Earth and revitalizing global economies. Mother Earth Trust will be co-stewarding the preservation of natural resources. The Earth Dollar™ plans to develop a high-speed and scalable Quantum-Secured Blockchain 3.0 platform to allow nations and asset owners to monetize their dormant, unused, underused and new assets, including their natural capital assets via smart contracts and smart insurance. The Earth Dollar also plans to deploy a new type of quantum-secure worldwide mesh network to protect its blockchain for its upcoming alternative “Living Economic System” through strategic partnerships. The partnership will provide tools to help institutions, banks, governments and organizations, interface with its secure Earth Dollar blockchain. The Earth Dollar is expected to be conducting its first token sale with the date to be announced soon.


Bitcoin Air Contact Information:
Website: https://BitcoinAir.org Anthony Colón Jr. anthony@bitcoinair.org Telegram: @BitcoinAirENG

The Earth Dollar Contact Information:
Website: https://EarthDollar.org; Alisha M. Forrester Scott, PR@EarthDollar.org Telephone: +1 (702) 850-3768

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