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Blockchain Based Social Platform Toqqn Set to Eliminate Misuse of Data

Toqqn is a blockchain based social media platform that is going to give its users a privacy-focused experience. The social platform is set to eliminate the misuse of data which has been a problem with most platforms.

Online communities have existed for a long time now. More and more people are interacting online leading to the development of different social platforms. With increased technology, there have been several cases of data being breached. One of the unique things about Toqqn is the fact that it does not store any form of data neither is a person tracked.

The platform

The main of the Toqqn team is to build a social media platform where no user data will be stored on the platform or the servers. Such measures are meant to eliminate any form of data breach.

Adopting or integrating blockchain into the system is meant to decentralize user data. Toqqn will also be rewarding its users on the platform with crypto instead of exploiting the users who will be using the platform.

It is important to note that the fundraising for the project will begin with a pre-sale on the first week of October 2018. According to the development team, the first version of the platform will be launched by Q1 2019 and the functional beta by Q2 2019 according to the roadmap shown here: https://toqqn.com

Toqqn’s functionalities

Toqqn gives its users room to exploit the social community as much as they want without losing their security and privacy. The fact that the firm has integrated blockchain technology into its system means that no information will be stored on any of their servers.

The firm has further reserved 50% of the total supply of TQN (Toqqn’s native cryptocurrency) for rewarding its users for their activities. One’s social activity can, therefore, be termed as crypto mining. That is one of the ways that the company is going to use to bring the platform to the public. Users will be rewarded as long as they remain active on the platform and engage in activities such as sharing content, posting, moderating and commenting.

Further information also reveals that Toqqn will be deposited to all users each and every day. Users will be able to monitor their earnings through their dashboard which they can eventually withdraw to their wallets at least once a week. There are plans that are being put in place by the team for the creation of a service marketplace. The marketplace will be a place where users can be able to provide digital services to earn additional Toqqn and then spend what they already have.

It is a good move by Toqqn to reward its users with cryptos so as to enhance the adoption of cryptos as cross-border payments that eliminate third parties.

Social media users will now have a platform where they can put all their trust on and freely communicate with each other without worrying about any form of data being lost or breached.

More details about the project can be found at: https://toqqn.com

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