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Blockchain Search Engine BlockBar To Make Digital Currency Transactions Tracking Easy

BlockBar launches the first ever search engine built for the blockchain, aims to help digital currency investors to track real-time transactions. The search engine also features a blockchain directory with latest updates of cryptocurrency projects.

The incredible growth of cryptocurrency world made the number of digital currencies and user base explode massively. As a result, it can be exceedingly difficult to keep track of transactions. Tools to help track and manage cryptocurrencies are still pretty slim. BlockBar is trying to help by its blockchain search engine to track transactions and asset management.

A search engine built for the blockchain community

It’s not a secret that the cryptocurrency market cap has grown faster than any other industry or technology and the adoption is rapidly increasing. BlockBar is a platform that helps users to track their crypto assets across all exchanges, wallets, and currencies.

BlockBar will allow users to check transaction hash or ID and addresses with ease. “Blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions and once a transaction has been recorded and verified, it cannot be changed. The search engine site blockbar.com is similar to conventional search engines like google.com and ask.com. We intend to build a platform that’s easy to use, reliable and helpful” says sources close to the team.

A big fat cryptoworld directory is included

The search engine is not the only prime features of BlockBar. The platform has developed additional features its users could use such as a blockchain directory.

Blockbar directory is an online cryptoworld directory that has the most complete and up-to-date crypto project.” the project team explained in an announcement published on BloqWire crypto news network.

The new search engine has specific categories and subcategories listing various projects. The payment currency, for example listed Basic Currency, Anchored Fiat Money, and Anonymous Currency as sub-categories. The Basic Currency sub-category for instance listed Bitcoin, Bytecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Gifto, Dai, Nano, NEM, Hshare, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Glad, Latoken, Verge, APIS, Groestlcoin, Super Bitcoin, Cryptonex, Gochain, Decred, Ethereum, Nxt, Ormeus Coin, Digitalnote, MaidSafeCoin, Zipper, Emercoin, Metal, GoNetwork, and Zclassic. Other categories listed in the search engine directory are Science, Infrastruct, Financial Tools, Public Welfare, Payment Tools, Cloud Service, Social, Media, Entertainment, Health, Transport, New economic Energy, and Others. The first category tagged “HOT” are blockchain projects considered by a team of experts to be gaining much momentum at the time of ranking.

Recently blockbar announced on their twitter handle, @the_blockbar, that Steemit, a blogging and social networking website owned by Steemit Inc that uses the Steem blockchain to reward publishers and curators, has been included in its search engine’s directory category.

Mostly traders choose to search addresses and transactions through the official explorers provided by individual cryptocurrencies, which users never find as a convenient way. With the introduction of BlockBar, the team is putting an end to this problem. Users can  just paste an address or transaction ID, and they can search all coins in one place.

While describing other features in store for users, the team said they are working on an asset management software which will be added to blockbar soon, so that users can effectively manage their crypto funds with lesser stress. However, their biggest project which they are tirelessly working on, is to make blockbar a decentralized application (DApp), to become the first ever search engine that runs 100% on the blockchain.

For more details:

Website: https://www.blockbar.com
Email: service@blockbar.com

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