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Etherparty Announces The Launch Of Much Awaited Rocket 2.0 With The Ability to Deploy Security Tokens

Weeks after completing the partnership deal with Capiche, the Canadian blockchain platform Etherparty announces the launch of its long awaited new version, Rocket 2.0. With the latest version, projects will now be able to deploy security tokens with a new feature called RSTS.

Following the latest release of Rocket, the first official software product of Etherparty Smart Contracts Inc., the Canadian blockchain technology company announces a milestone launch of version 2.0 of the most user-friendly token crowdsale creator in the market. Since the launch of its first version, Rocket gained popularity for its ability to help startups launch and track a token generation event without needing a development team to get their business off the ground. The upcoming version is expected to enable both utility and security tokens.

Version 2.0 of the platform includes Real Security Token Standard or “RSTS”, a feature designed to enable the end-to-end solution designed for utility token-based projects to deploy security tokens. It also has InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to support the RSTS and ensure all blockchain project documentation is secure, accessible, and transparent.

During the announcement of the new version, founder and Head of R&D for Etherparty, Lisa Cheng said: “This is an exciting milestone in the evolution of our product. Rocket 2.0 really represents what security tokens should be – having the ability to link real world assets and securitize them while using AML, KYC, filing in jurisdictions, dividends, voting, whitelisting, and storing actual documents in IPFS.”

Rocket end-to-end solution currently designed for utility token-based projects is priced at just under USD $50,000 with features capable of executing a successful token crowdsale.

It’s only been weeks since the team announced their partnership with Capiche, a company reputed for its innovative legal tech provision of a web-based platform that simplifies the capital raising process while at the same time ensures compliance. This is expected to facilitate the compliance of issued securities through the Rocket platform with applicable securities laws. The partnership according to the company is to make security token distribution easier, better, faster and more cost effective.

More details about the platform can be found at: https://rocket.etherparty.com

“Having a partner like Capiche allows us to more easily transition the traditional processes of setting up security offerings into blockchain for the security and auditability that it offers.” says Hobbs.

According to reports, Rocket already has more than 600 projects ready to use its token crowdsale creator. In a press release of the new product, the CEO of the Vanbex Group, parent company of Etherparty, Kevin Hobbs, said the product is one of their more to come products and that the software allows anyone to generate tokens in a safe, secure, and trusted environment, just like a Shopify for smart contracts.

“Our goal in building software has always been about making it easy to use and understand,” says the CEO. Etherparty, specializes in working to enable an interactive and inclusive world by building easy-to-use, versatile and intuitive smart contract solutions. The company promises to build more applications software in the future to change lots of business models.

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