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European Crypto-FinTech Company Limitlex To Host A Meetup-Event In Singapore

European Crypto-FinTech company LIMITLEX will host a meetup-event in Singapore this Thursday (Oct 25) where the CEO and cofounder, Igor Kregar, will explain the recent developments of the crypto sphere, important upcoming changes, the rise of security tokens and stable coins and what kind of investment opportunities are opening up with the ‘new era’ of tokenization of digital assets. Crypto markets have seen rough times during this year, however the direction of assets tokenization suggests this situation might change in the foreseeable future as many of the heavy hitters in the financial industry are warming up for entering the game.

Driven by their vision of a financial world without barriers, Limitlex is on the mission to launch the world’s first ‘smart’ cryptocurrency exchange. The Limitlex Smart Exchange will allow for more automated and efficient trading at the next level, provide an intelligent structure for portfolio management, and introduce new opportunities for traders and investors.

Beginners and lay users will be able to enjoy the simplified trading processes and maximize their gains. At the same time, Limitlex will provide advanced functionalities for professional and institutional traders and B2B partners (merchants and white-label operators). At the Thursday event the Limitlex team will introduce the demo platform of the Smart Exchange and the participants will be able to try out for themselves how smart portfolio management works.

Limitlex also offers White-label Partnership Program, providing the partners with the complete IT architecture for an easy way of setting up their own cryptocurrency trading platforms, under their own brand name. Especially introduction of tokenization of assets and the upcoming rise of ‘security tokens’ (i.e. tokenized securities) open up a whole new level of opportunities for regulated financial institutions to embrace the blockchain and crypto technology. The Limitlex team is already in the process of establishing partnerships for launching a regulated exchange for security tokens

Limitlex also operates an advanced crypto-to-fiat payment gateway, which is a seamless solution for merchants to effortlessly accept retail payments in crypto. The Limitlex merchant solution has already been adopted and integrated by a major POS vendor and one of the largest automotive-aftermarket distributors in the region.

Limitlex is offering limitless opportunities within the crypto sphere. Their smart platform will be introduced on Thursday, Oct. 25, during the meetup. Why wait? Join the event and find out more about how to join the platform and the upcoming Trading Championship!*

PR Contact Information:

Limitlex Holding Ltd, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ
Contact person: Evgenija Trajkoska
Phone number: +386 40 387 876
Email address: info@limitlex.io

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