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From Tokyo to Silicon Valley, PATRON is Disrupting the $1B Influencer Marketing Industry

Led by Japanese socialpreneur and influencer Atsushi Hisatumi, PATRON is making their way to Silicon Valley with the mission to build a decentralized influencer marketing platform.

PATRON, a leading Japanese blockchain firm led by an influencer himself, Atsushi Hisatumi, is a company established with the mission is to build a decentralized influencer marketing platform to even out this problem—inconsistencies in branded content and social media.

Global Influencer Marketing- A $1B Industry

Influencer marketing has been around since the inception, and the subsequent rise of social media and has created a platform where brands can connect with customers and end users on a more intimate level through personalities they can relate with.These people build and leverage on their accumulated following overtime on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to act as soundboards for brands to guarantee more efficient marketing. It’s worked so far to an immense extent, what with the global worth of influencer markets reaching as high as $1 billion, but there is still a niggling problem.

PATRON’s Driving Force

The influencer market is currently being described by pundits as being too large and in desperate need of disruption. PATRON’s driving force is based on the belief that while social media channels offer huge opportunities to amass considerable following, they often do not guarantee the necessary exposure required for local influencers to get what they deserve with brands (especially the larger choice brands).

It is easy for the higher up class of social media influencer with humongous amounts of active organic followers to earn upwards of $700 per targeted post. But the same cannot be said for mid-range and small-scale influencers with a few thousand followers that rely on social media interactions to gain profits due to exorbitant agency fees slapped on them.

What PATRON means to brands, influencers, and intermediaries

Backed by Extravaganza International Inc., PATRON aims to change this trend by bringing together a melting pot of SNS (social network solution) users and social media influencers under a decentralized transparent network to eliminate the presence of these agencies who act as intermediaries. By so doing, a neater and more responsive solution is created to cater to the needs of both influencers and brands to guarantee satisfaction on both sides.

The result is more money and exposure for local influencers and less expenditure on influencer marketing by brands when they use the PAT (PATRON) token to pay for sponsored marketing campaigns. This is made much easier via the use of the Ethereum Smart Contracts platform. Smart Contracts is known to cut off any intermediaries, thereby eliminating every instance or possibility of high agency fees and promoting more flexible, easier and faster payments.

Who’s Behind PATRON?

Atsushi Hisatumi, Founder, and CEO of PATRON notes that PATRON is a company started with the vision of working with local influencers with the potential to thrive internationally regardless of language. By introducing tokens to a market that is in dire need of disruption, it becomes easier to make mouth-watering profits from it. PATRON seeks to open these doors.

The intermediary/agency business is facing a serious threat, and for a good reason, Coin Telegraph reckons. PATRON is a prime example of innovative, disruptive tech which has recognized more efficient ways to do things of benefits to all parties and developed strategies to disrupt an outdated business model.

PATRON has already been recognized by Forbes as one of the top ten blockchain companies to look out for in 2018. More details and a demo of the project’s platform can be found at their website: https://patron-influencers.com

Contact information:

Contact Person: Kosuke Takada

Email: info@patron-ICO.io

Phone Number: +81 0364161659

Company Address: 257 Old Churchmans Road New Castle, DE 19720 U.S.A.

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