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HyperBlocks Pro To Let Digital Investors Benefit From Blockchain By Leveraging On Proof of Stake

HyperBlocks Pro, the platform created by HyperChain team enables blockchain projects and investors around the globe to take advantage of Proof of Stake; helping to step further towards the vision of an entirely decentralized world.

Proof of Stake (PoS) is an efficient and better alternative than Proof of Work (PoW). In PoW, although miners are rewarded for their work done, the system has been showing consistent vulnerabilities. Especially its inability to curb market monopoly and centralized mining. This makes the HyperBlocks platform relevant and an ideal strategy for the overall growth of the industry.

The PoS system is more efficient in protecting against market monopoly. It ensures nodes/validators are entitled to decrypt transactions up to the equivalent of their stake in the market i.e. the worth of the cryptocurrency they have. For anyone trying to achieve a monopoly, more funds will be needed so the perpetrator will also be heavily affected by the consequences of the act.

About HyperBlocks Pro

HyperChain was founded by Stelian Balta. At the age of 30, he has been active as an innovator, entrepreneur and investor in the blockchain industry since 2013. He is one of the first investors in block.one, the maker of EOS.io software and has so far helped raising more than $150 millions for projects he has participated in.

With a vision and passion for the blockchain technology, Stelian is heading the development of HyperBlocks Pro, to make it one of the most reliable platforms to help individuals and projects in the industry to take advantage of the PoS systems. According to him, the mission is to help people contribute to the vision of advancing blockchain to the next level which is to achieve a fully decentralized world. The platform is expected to serve in a professional manner and create safe, reliable and very simple solutions for token holders in the digital assets market.

Tezos delegation services are the first services offered by HyperBlocks. The technology created by HyperBlocks was reported to be safer, easier and inexpensive to use for staking as no infrastructure is needed to set-up for regular users or crypto funds. The platform will also allow Cosmos tokens(atoms) and many more tokens to be staked with HyperBlocks.

The team is working towards their goal to launch one of the first and largest in the world Wax.io guilds/nodes (Wax is 2nd most used blockchain in the world, reported by blocktivity.info) and it’s expected to launch their staking services by early next year. HyperChain is well reputed in the industry for its innovative and continuous efforts to support blockchain projects and investors alike during a bearish cryptocurrency market.

Media Contact:

Website: https://hyperblocks.pro
Email: mayan@bloqwire.com

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