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Laocon To Bring A Web 3.0 Platform To Provide Enhanced Cyber Security

As the use of multiple devices and web 3.0 technologies grow, so does the need for innovative security solutions. Japanese start-up Laocon, aims to fill the need by bringing robust cyber safety solutions.

Safety on the cyberspace has always been associated with complexities. The type and nature of security threats that are popping up on an everyday basis, and the technology costs and knowledge required to be in the safe zone is growing unprecedentedly. The boom of blockchain technology and crypto currencies comes with tons of new security issues and Laocon, a Japanese tech startup is bringing a platform to provide enhanced cybersecurity; a service that allows users around the world to perform bug bounties for blockchain projects.

The number of interconnected devices people use on their daily life is growing rapidly, so as the increase in cyberattack-tactics employed by blockchain and crypto hackers. This makes the blockchain based security platform being constructed by Laocon extremely important and timely.

The platform of Laocon will help individuals such as ethical hackers, engineers and other technology enthusiasts and blockchain projects & companies from around the world to eliminate security loopholes and other bugs by conducting bug bounties. Having a reliable platform to help with vulnerability diagnosis and load verification will enhance safety. It also eliminates time and workload by remitting domestic and overseas rewards with tokens.

The ever-changing blockchain security landscape has people and businesses on their toes in identifying risks and vulnerabilities in their resources, smart contracts and systems. Threats as earlier mentioned have been on the rise due to the rapid expansion of blockchain networks. WIth the new platform Laocon aims to provide three concrete solutions to enhance security:

1. Acquisition of the latest cyber security and cost reduction
2. Provide security personnel (Supply and demand matching security personnel).
3. Global supply of updated knowledge

The team has announced an initial coin release period from the end of September 2018 to February 2019 to raise funds for the project development.

More details can be found at: https://laocon.io

PR Contact Information:

E-mail: support@laocon.io
Phone: +81 090-7199-5782

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