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New Hampshire Car Dealership Sells First Car Entirely In Cryptocurrency

A New Hampshire car dealership has seen its first car being sold entirely in crypto, signaling a change to the way business managers think of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

The days of paying with fiat are slowly changing. As the crypto market steadily gains mainstream attention, paying for day-to-day items with it is becoming the norm. With more places accepting crypto, it’s no longer a question of ‘what can I buy with it?’. Now, items being paid for are becoming more serious, more tangible.

Take the purchase of a 2012 Ford Fusion at the AutoFair dealership in Merrimack, New Hampshire, U.S. Through the use of AnyPay, a cryptocurrency point-of-sale app, the transaction was processed at a cost of $8,316, amounting to a payment of 40.68405 dash, paid in full and up front.

“Had I walked into the dealership with a stack of twenties, it would have been way more difficult,” Freeman said. “It just seemed right. Modern, efficient. It was also playful and fun whereas paper cash is way less fun. Tedious.”

With over 300 cars for sale at the Merrimack lot for purchase, AutoFair is running a joint promotion with AnyPay in order to sell more vehicles. Using cryptocurrencies for the better part of the last 10 years, Freeman said that it’s normal to use bitcoin or dash to pay for things, particularly in New Hampshire. Last year, Chris Sununu, the Governor of New Hampshire, signed into law a bill that protects cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin from regulation, making it the first state to do so.

With the last major bull run bringing legitimacy to the cryptocurrency market, merchants are beginning to see the value they have, said Steven Zeiler, CEO of AnyPay.

“Buying a vehicle with cryptocurrency signifies the next phase of digital currency adoption as we transition to a world where permanent, durable, expensive capital goods can be purchased with private digital cash,” Zeiler said.

News quoted from: Forbes.com

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