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The ICO of Black Foundation Will Be the Ultimate Showcase for the CrowdCoinage Token Sale Platform

/ BLOQWIRE / Organizing an ICO and doing all the work by yourself can be daunting. It includes the development of a token sale functionality, writing smart contracts, handling referral campaigns and finally and most importantly the correct and timely distribution of tokens. All this time-consuming and error-prone work can be left to the past. The team behind CrowdCoinage has completed their version of a generally utilizable token sale and ICO managing platform as one of the most central parts of any ICO. It is also affordable to any kind of ICO – being it small or large.

Black Foundation is the company behind the team aiming to shake the hundreds of years old insurance industry by empowering ordinary people to be the driving force behind the assigning and funding of any insurance policies or their variations. Blockchain-based insurances can be for example parametric ones, tied to big data and statistics, and allow the most varied policies that can be imagined to be formulated. A great example of these is the Rainy Day insurance set up by them to share some BLCK tokens via airdrop.

Black Foundation is the first client to CrowdCoinage’s token sale platform and on the 1st of October, they will go live with their ICO. The team behind CrowdCoinage has gone the extra mile developing their token sale platform to ensure that the launch will be a smooth one. In addition to the ideas they got during their own ICO, many essential ideas came from Black Foundation during spring and summer this year. The result is the most secure and automated solution for any ICO that also has great usability – now available to serve any ICO.

Here are some major highlights of the token sale platform:

– flexible and transparent pricing models – from as low as the onboarding fee of €5,000 for “pay as you go” (+ €3.99/registration) to €60,000 (+ €1.20/KYC verification) for the “pay one time”

– using the best practices in the industry: wallets are secured by BitGo (no private keys ever pass through CrowdCoinage’s servers!), smooth KYC/AML by Veriff, functional emails by MailGun

– excellent user experience/usability and great compatibility with mobile devices

– fully automated solutions: webform-based smart contract generation and deployment, the mighty Token Gun for fast and timely token distribution, referral handling

– there are different user groups, for example, admins and token buyers have separate views and statistics

– localizable – all the visible texts can be easily translated to any language

In addition to having their token, CCOS, listed on decentralized exchanges like Token.Store and IDEX, the team CrowdCoinage is eagerly waiting to have their token listed on LATOKEN on the 26th of September. As the trading will receive the much-needed boost, the team is looking forward continue developing more functionality for the ICO platform as envisioned.

The team behind this unique token sale product expects a bright future for their platform. They are now actively concentrating their efforts on making their platform well-known so that CrowdCoinage Token Sale will be the “household name” among ICO management platforms.



Black Foundation



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