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Tolar HashNET Brings A Community Governed Cryptocurrency That’s Scalable, Fast, Secure and Fair

Blockchain is the fastest-growing digital technology which has been changing the face of business across the world. Three years ago, the team behind Tolar has asked one simple question — what can we do to make the most of blockchain technology with the resources we have at our disposal?

The answer was facilitated by COTRUGLI Business School the leading business school in SE Europe with amazing impact and influence in the business community. With more than 2,000 MBA Alumni (entrepreneurs, middle and top managers), and over 20,000 satisfied clients (leading companies across different industries).

COTRUGLI is significantly impacting business networks in most countries in SE Europe, while at the same time reaching cultures and business environments worldwide. To highlight this statement, COTRUGLI Fund alone has invested over 3 million EUR into MBA Scholarships for the best and the brightest candidates from the leading companies.

Thanks to the full support of COTRUGLI, several initiatives were created that ultimately gave birth to Tolar HashNET.
One of the first initiatives was the creation of Blockchain Adria, which became a central place for blockchain ecosystem in SE Europe. In addition to regional conferences, meetups, and hackathons, Blockchain Academy was created with the world’s first Blockchain EMBA Program and Program for Certified Blockchain Developers, helping clients make the most of this fascinating technology.

The ongoing success gave the team the confidence and inspired the passion to move further. At the time, many projects in the blockchain arena were failing to deliver on their promises, in sense of becoming major solutions for businesses and governments around the globe. This inspired the start of a very unique project, one that could leverage on the main advantages of blockchain technology, resolve some of its main weaknesses and dramatically impact the global business.…and that is how Tolar HashNET was created, unique in many ways:
1.    New infrastructure DLT technology with smart contracts: Smart contract platforms always have a large potential. Tolar will implement Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contract support. This means that dApps will run on the platform, and, dApps from Ethereum can migrate to Tolar to enjoy higher speeds and lower transactional costs.

2.    Working prototype: This massively reduces the risk that the project will never deliver. The HashNET protocol showed the speed of 150 000 TPS using 11 masternodes and is aiming for 200 000 TPS (transactions per second). They smashed it!

3.    ICOs will be launched on Tolar, and first new ICOs are already being developed: This will drive demand for Tolar. Participants in these ICOs will have to buy Tolar on exchanges. Additionally, these Tolar-based ICOs will naturally promote Tolar. Many tokens are initially illiquid (there is not enough buyers on exchanges), so even small but sustained demand due to Tolar-based ICO buyers can drive the token prices up massively.

4.    Very low hardcap: 45.000 ETH. With ETH at $300, the hardcap is only $13.5M, which means plenty of room for growth.

5.    Excellent lockup metrics:  majority of tokens are locked for 24 months, some tokens even longer.

6.    The team of 40+ high level executives and developers aims for being a top 20 crypto on CoinMarketCap: All the team tokensare locked for 24-months, and then vesting over another 36 months.

7.    No one got higher bonus than 20%: Projects that have crazy high bonuses get dumped. For example, it is important that there is no one with a 100% bonus waiting to dump on our community once the token starts trading.

8.    Masternodes support: This a safer bet then without them, because there are many masternode investors (both individuals and companies) buying and staking tokens to operate masternodes. Tolar promises ROI of at least 10% to masternode operators in the first 3 years. With 500 Masternodes (500.000 TOL is required for one) there will be only small amount of TOL in circulation.

9.    Mobile support: Tolar is one of the very few cryptos where you can actually operate a full-featured node on a smart phone. This is certainly more future-proof than cryptos where this is impossible.

10.  Josip Maricevic: One of Tolar founders and CTO is brain behind Tolar HashNET tech was researching blockchain and related consensus algorithms, atomic cross-chain swaps and of- chain settlement protocols for the past 2 years. Also worked on development of a significant blockchain and IT products for past 7 years.

11.  Distribution/promotional network: One of Tolar founders, Drazen Kapusta (entrepreneur with 30+ years of experience), is also a Principal and Founder at COTRUGLI Business School. This is extremely important, because COTRUGLI Alumni, start-ups, corporations and governments will be doing projects around Tolar.

12.  Government projects: Tolar’s newly appointed Slovenian Director is Tadej Slapnik formal State Secretary of Slovenia actively involved in promotion, development and smart regulation of circular economy and distributed ledger technology at European and global level. 

13.  Sufficient funding guaranteed: The project has already collected the softcap of 20,000 ETH, which means it will proceed no matter what.

14.  Influencers are backing the project: Tolar is on Ian Balina top-3 hot list. It’s also highly rated by Benn Godenzi (8.8), Tom H. Chase (“Gem”), and OhHeyMatty (88%). ICO Crunch (4.8), Diddy Carter and Crypto Rand are investors. Blockchain code reviewer expert Andre Cronje is also impressed with Tolar’s “Great fundamental design”. According to some lists, Tolar is currently in Top 3 ICOs.

15.  High-tech & future-proof: Tolar’s HashNET represents some of the hottest technology in the whole industry. This makes it extremely future-proof – it’s unlikely that some new competing chain with dramatically improved technology over Tolar will appear anytime soon.

16.  Token buy backs on exchanges 30% above market price: Company behind the project will be buying back tokens on exchanges with 30% of its company revenue, at 30% higher than market prices and burn them! The company will get revenue by working for governments and corporations on implementing private chains for them, for example. Token buy backs are awesome because they provide price growth and liquidity. In many cases, token holders do not benefit from revenues of the companies behind the tokens. This is not the case with Tolar! 

17.  Partnership: Beside VC s and Funds who are already strategically located all around the globe, Tolar will have clients and partners among governments, large corporations and SME. Tolar has already partnered with Kingdom of Bahrain Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) to provide next generation blockchain platform and support new projects that will help deliver next generation of government excellence to the citizens of Kingdom of Bahrain.

18.  Unsold TOLs will be burned.
Note: Contributors ERC-20 tokens that will be swapped with mainnet tokens once the mainnet launches. The ERC-20 tokens will start trading after ICO, which is scheduled on September 15.

Tolar’s HashNET has an asynchronous, gossip-based consensus mechanism that allows for lightning-fast processing of up to 200,000 transactions per second with low latency – and a prototype already achieved 150,000 TPS on June 28th!

At regular intervals, the DAG representation gets consolidated into a blockchain of strictly ordered transactions compressed with MimbleWimble technology. HashNET thus combines the advantages of a DAG-based asynchronous consensus mechanism with those of a synchronous blockchain-like data structure of finalised transactions – but a structure that is much smaller than a full blockchain and can even be stored on a mobile phone!

In addition, Tolar includes an implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine with Solidity smart contracts. This makes it an ideal platform for ICOs which can deal with familiar technology while profiting from all the advantages Tolar offers.

Presale is currently active and scheduled to finish on August 31. To register, you can fill out the KYC form here: https://www.tolar.io/presale/

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