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YouVR Officially Launches Globally at NAR Conference & Expo 2018

The YouVR system brings the perfect VR solution for real estate- empowering agents, brokers and associations to easily capture and share their listings and market through a free personalized lead generating website and VR portal.

Boston, Massachusetts // NAR Conference & Expo // At the annual National Association of Realtors conference, YouVR has officially launched the first VR solution package for real estate professionals- offering agents, brokers and associations with a personalized and comprehensive solution to capture and market within existing platforms like MLA listings. With over 20,000 attendees coming together to meet industry leaders offering the latest technology and practices, this years NAR Conference & Expo was the perfect venue for YouVR’s official global launch.

“The team at YouVR has been preparing for this launch for months, and we’ve worked with key real estate players to design a holistic VR solution for their segment of the industry. Needless to say, we are really excited to finally be here” said Ken, CEO and founder of YouVR Inc. adding that “there are gaps in the current VR solutions available for [real estate] industry, specifically when it comes to marketing and utilizing the data and we’ve designed a solution to fill those gaps.”

With VR tours attracting nearly 10x the engagement online and resulting to an average offline conversions rate (requests for on site visits) by 85%, YouVR’s solution adds MLS compatibility, a VR listing portal and a personalized branding page as a customized marketing solution along with the patented VR technology.

YouVR for real estate agents has been redesigned to focus on helping agents get more listings and buy leads in less time with fewer resources. All tours created by the agent is directly linked to a personal website which can be shared across various platforms and services. YouVR for brokers is about helping the team grow and equipping their members with a simple and effective technology for the entire lifecycle of a sale- from capturing and marketing to listing and closing. Finally, YouVR for Associations is designed to help the organization and its members become industry leaders by providing industry trend reports and certification courses.

Andrea Tyler, a real estate agent from New Orleans, thanked YouVR and added that “the YouVR solution makes the entire listing and selling process much easier.”

The official launch of YouVR in the American real estate industry adds to the global momentum YouVR Inc. has experienced this year. Last week at the Innovation Leaders Summit in Japan, YouVR was selected as one of the most innovative startups and gained the attention of international companies such as Daikin Engineering, Softbank, and Nikon. In the following weeks, YouVR Inc. has been invited to present its technology and solution to various real estate associations and brokerage firms across the United States.

The annual National Association of Realtors conference is the largest event for the most successful real estate professionals in America. REALTORS® who attend the REALTORS® Conference & Expo consistently report to making twice as much income from real estate as the typical NAR member.

Find out more at www.youvr.io

YouVR Inc. is an industry leader in spatial digitalization and provides VR solution and platform for real estate, E&C, architecture and interior design as well as for vehicles. Established in 2017, YouVR Inc. aims to democratize VR and empower everyone to create and share professional VR tours easily and affordably. VR solutions include VR tour, Lead Generating Website, 2D floor plan, AR Furniture, object VR and 3D dollhouse creation from 360-degree images.

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YouVR Inc.
Address: 3003 North 1st Street Suite 221, San Jose CA 95134
Email: pr@youvr.io
Phone: +1 669 234 8593

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